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While i go to a lot of trouble to make sure that the programs used and the advice given here is bulletproof, you cannot hold me responsible for any loss damage or corruption caused by following any advice given or installing and running any of the software recommended on this site. However, it is the way i run my PCs (i have 5 or 6 altogether at home) so I'm not suggesting anybody do anything that i wouldn't do.

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Password Security

Password Security is becoming a problem for some folks, these days everyone wants your password to be longer than 8 characters, have a capital letter, a punctuation mark, a 3 digit prime number and a Sanskrit hieroglyph!

Recently a well known journalist had his entire online life destroyed by hackers using simple tricks to obtain password resets, and then they wiped out his entire online presence, can you imagine how you would feel if all of your online life suddenly dissapeared

Therefore securing your password is of the utmost importance.

Password Security

Some things to remember:

Happy and Safe Computing

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