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While i go to a lot of trouble to make sure that the programs used and the advice given here is bulletproof, you cannot hold me responsible for any loss damage or corruption caused by following any advice given or installing and running any of the software recommended on this site. However, it is the way i run my PCs (i have 5 or 6 altogether at home) so I'm not suggesting anybody do anything that i wouldn't do.

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7 Golden Rules Of Computing!

The following simple rules will help keep you safe and happy as you use your computer and the Internet

If you don't know, don't guess!

Please folks take this one seriously, people get into all sorts of trouble by clicking 'ok' without really knowing what is going to happen! If you are not sure of something ring me or someone like me.

If your data is in only 1 place, then it is NOT safe!

You run the risk of losing it forever! Please see 'Backing Up' for ideas on how to make a copy of your data to a second location, for safe keeping in case of an emergency.

You can safely delete any file, as long as YOU created it!

Again see 'Backing Up' for ideas on how to copy of your data, it's a great way to recover from accidentally deleting important files, like your photos, songs or emails.

If it looks too good to be true, It probably is.

An old but true saying, more so now than ever before. Please think twice, at least, before you 'click that link' "download that file' or 'open that attachment'. This also applies to all 'Social Media' programs for example Facebook or Twitter and anywhere on the internet generally.

You need to perform regular maintenance on you computer.

This simply means running 'Disk Cleanup' & 'Disk Defragmenter' - See 'General Maintenance' for more details.

You must have security software!

You can only have 1 antivirus, and its not a good idea to have more than 2 Malware Scanners - See 'Recommended Programs' for more information including download links.

Alcohol & Computers Don't Mix

enough said ;)

Happy computing!

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